Purchasing Equestrian Property

Published Jun 21, 2017 – 1 min read

It’s always a pleasure to surprise a client in a nice way.

This occurred recently when a couple from Surrey, looking to relocate north to buy an equestrian property, found that not only could they get a lot more acreage for their money but also that the beauty of the villages and rolling countryside north of Stamford, towards Grantham, was more they had banked for. “It’s just like the Cotswolds” and “I thought Lincolnshire was flat” were two of the utterances, my surprised (and previously misinformed) clients exclaimed during our orientation day.

It is true that much of the countryside around Newark, Lincoln and The Wash is rather pancake-like, but meander around lanes south of the A52 and east of Grantham, then you will find some very pretty villages nestled in rolling green countryside.

Add to this, asking prices that can be up to 20% cheaper than nearby Rutland and commute times into London from Grantham in just over an hour, then for my mind, this is an area worth serious consideration. Villages of note include Irnham, Pickworth, Sapperton, Newton and Humby. So, if your budget doesn’t quite stretch to the levels of The Cotswolds, take a drive out from Grantham and you might well be pleasantly surprised.

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