Peterborough’s perfect rural hinterland for London commuters

Published Jun 10, 2014 – 2 mins read

Because I am an East Midlands home finder many of my clients want me to help them track down not just a property but also a new way of life as far as possible from the traffic choked streets of their home city, which is usually London.

My patch has plenty to offer commuters including Wellingborough and Market Harborough stations, which are about an hour from St Pancras by train. But one area that surprises many of my clients is the countryside between Peterborough and Stamford, taking in parts of Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire and Rutland and offering both a rustic existence but also a do-able commute to London’s King’s Cross via Peterborough.

So here’s my lowdown on some of the popular villages and towns near a train station in this area.

Ferry Meadows, Peterborough

For those who want to continue with city life, albeit at a slower rate than London, the areas around Ferry Meadows in west Peterborough offer a pleasant semi-rural life with easy access to the centre.  Historic villages close to the city centre include Orton Longueville and Waterville as well as Longthorpe, all of which are sought after for their rural feel despite being just a ten minute drive to the station. Prices here are nearly 40% higher than the city average.

Castor and Ailsworth

Famous for the large, roman house discovered nearby in the early 19th century, these neighbouring villages are the first standalone ones you’ll come across after leaving Peterborough and venturing west along the A47. Substantial, detached houses remain a feature of the local property market and, helped by the short drive to Peterborough station, means they regularly sell for £800,000 to well over a million each.

Villages to the East of Stamford

If you’re prepared to delve further into the countryside then three villages to be found between the train line and the A1 are worth considering if you’re looking to commute to London. Ufford, Bainton and Barnack are all well known for their pretty, honey coloured houses, bustling communities, quality local pubs which are all within a 15-20 minute drive of Peterborough station. They also offer a mix of modern and traditional properties, so an attractive family home can be bought from about £600,000 upwards.


I have already highlighted the attraction of this Lincolnshire town in a previous blog [link to] but suffice it say one national newspaper columnist recently described it as ‘cute as a button, but not sickly sweet’. A daily huddle of commuters can be found at the charming town station but trains are relatively infrequent. Happily, there is a local campaign in progress to persuade the government to lay on more, which can be followed on Twitter via @BetterRail. The property market in Stamford is brisk with sealed bids and above asking price offers increasingly the norm for exceptional properties.

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