My little black book of secret properties

Published Feb 19, 2015 – 2 mins read

People often approach me to say that they are considering selling their home and do I have any clients that may be interested in buying from them.

Whilst I am always delighted to hear from these homeowners, as knowledge of so-called ‘off-market’ properties is the gold dust of the property search world, it does raise a number of interesting questions:

How long do people think about selling before actually hitting the market?

I have a theory about this…admittedly with no scientific backing, but solely as a result of talking to many would-be vendors.  My view is that for those who do not have to move home quickly due to work or personal reasons, a typical homeowner can take up to six months from first playing with the idea of moving to hitting the screens on Rightmove and the like. Perhaps it is our British sentimentality that means it takes us a long time face the discomfort of severing the ties with our existing home and building a new relationship with the next.

Whatever the reason, it does provide an interesting insight for homebuyers frustrated by the lack of properties in the market – that is there are a lot more potential properties to buy out there than the property pages would suggest. The challenge is to tap into this vein of opportunities.

Why do people talk to a Property Finder before an Estate Agent?

The fundamental advantage of selling your home direct to the client of a Property Finder is that the homeowner incurs no Estate Agencies charges.

However, most people don’t realise this at first and so their reason for picking up the phone is more than monetary. In reality, most are attracted by the prospect of a discreet sale; saving themselves the intrusion of having photos of their home plastered on the internet and being the source of local gossip. Others are wary of Estate Agents.

What’s wrong with using an Estate Agent?

For my mind, the answer is absolutely nothing and I am firmly of the belief that a good agent is worth their weight in gold. We have all heard horror stories of Estate Agents providing poor service, however quality agents are local property market experts and so can provide a realistic valuation of your home (as well as a sensible asking price). Many will market a property discreetly if this is a vendor’s preference and when it comes to the period between an offer being accepted and exchange of contracts, an experienced agent can make the difference between a deal succeeding or floundering.

So if you considering selling your home what should you do next?

By all means, pick up the phone and speak to your local Property Finder. Even if they do not have a ready buyer itching to purchase your home, you are guaranteed to learn something from the conversation and they may be able to recommend some quality agents in the area.

If you are considering selling your home in the East Midlands and would appreciate some advice, speak to Kate Vincent on 01780 408 377. Garrington also offer an Oversee of Sale service for those lacking the time or experience to liaise with Estate Agents.