Charnwood Forest Property Search

Published May 1, 2014 – 2 mins read

Buyers looking to purchase a substantial property in the Charnwood Forest area are having a frustrating time at the moment as the number of new properties coming on to the market fails to match those being sold. The inevitable effect of this is increased competition for the few gems that are, pushing up both asking and offer prices. There are properties being sold ‘off-market’ but accessing this stock is not easy for the uninitiated.

So, if you struggling to find and purchase a property in CharnwoodForest, how should you increase your chances? Let’s state the obvious first – you should set up property alerts on the key websites and register your requirements with the local estate agents.

If you haven’t put your property on the market then do so immediately and when you get an interested buyer, seriously consider accepting the offer and moving into rental accommodation for a while. Do make sure, your finances are all in order and if you need a mortgage, that you have a decision in principle letter on hand to show an agent when making an offer. Without one, the best offer in the world will not be put forward to a vendor.

Once all this has been put in place, and if no opportunities arise, start to network with the locals; approaching property owners direct to enquire if they would consider selling their property can be fruitful, albeit a bit awkward, and is very time consuming. You could also consider widening your search zone – the area between Melton Mowbray and Leicester is beautiful and there are some lovely villages off the A47 – many of which offer a wider choice of properties and arguably, better value for money.

Alternatively, engage a property finder. We know every search trick in the book, have an extensive network of contacts and we make it our business to hear about properties being sold ‘off market’.

So contact me today if you would like any further information.